• FT 55-CM
    FT 55-CM

    Smart color sensor bursting with talent

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  • VISOR® Multishot
    VISOR® Multishot

    Our award-winning technology renders even the smallest height differences visible

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In the spotlight

SensoPart Generation 4.0

SensoPart BlueLight technology

SensoPart Generation 4.0SensoPart BlueLight technology

SensoPart Generation 4.0 sensors:

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SensoPart sensors with BlueLight technology open up new fields of application.

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SensoPart solutions for industry 4.0

VISOR® - Vision sensor calibration

SensoPart solutions for industry 4.0VISOR® - Vision sensor calibration

We help you to build a smart factory.

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Real-world engineering units and robot coordinates at a mouse click.

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vsdla 2017 logo silver

VISOR® vision sensor with Multishot function was honored with a silver level award.


SensoPart sensors with IO-Link -
The standard for Industry 4.0

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