Predictive Maintenance

The machine suddenly comes to a standstill...what now? Just reduce maintenance intervals and push up costs?

Predictive maintenance is considered a key component of Industry 4.0. Efforts were made in the past to prevent production downtime through fixed, regular maintenance cycles for all machines and devices.
Today, modern production systems are expected to monitor themselves and detect and report possible wear and tear, defects and downtimes before they occur.
To do so, the systems must be equipped with additional sensors that monitor machine parts and/or themselves.

Our solution

SensoPart sensors can continually monitor your machine parts for soiling or wear and tear, check fill levels, coil diameters or regulate dancer control systems, amongst other tasks. And they provide sufficient advance warning of machine downtime. Our sensors also monitor their own functional reserves and limitations, for example soiling on optical sensors, and report them to the parent system.

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