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Sustainable corporate development is a top priority at SensoPart

Forward-looking thinking and action are self-evident at SensoPart because they are the prerequisites for success – not just today, but also in the future. On the one hand, this involves environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques in line with the principle of lean production: all our processes are characterised by maximum efficiency, the responsible use of resources, and the consistent recycling of production waste.


Sustainability, on the other hand, means that we do everything possible to maintain our innovative capability. This is why we invest double the sector average on research and development.

Green production at SensoPart

We take environmental protection seriously:
solar collectors on the roof of our buildings in Gottenheim generate, on average, more electricity than is required by our production plants.

To promote environmentally friendly electromobility, our staff have access to a charging station for electric vehicles, which is also connected to our solar collectors.

Charging station for electric cars


Solar collectors