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SensoPart Press Releases

SensoPart with five innovations at the Automatica 2012

At this year's Automatica, Sensor manufacturer SensoPart Industriesensorik from Southern Germany presents not only one, but five sensor innovations especially for factory automation in the fields of vision, ultrasonic and optical sensors.


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SensoPart with five innovations at the Automatica 2012 (April 2012)

Master of the situation.

New Vision Sensor product family

SensoPart presents the first member of the new VISOR® product family: the V 10 object sensor. The sensor analyses pattern comparisons in a flash, in just 20ms.

V 10

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V 10 Object sensor (2011-01)

Normal 0 21 New Vision Sensor product family

Ultrasonic sensor with Soundpipe UT 20-S150

The new Ultrasonic Sensor with Soundpipe UT 20-S150 is particularly convincing through the highly precise way it operates.


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Ultrasonic sensor with Soundpipe (March 2012)

With the F 18-2 series, SensoPart is introducing a new generation of barrel type optical sensors

Sensors in a barrel type housing offer several advantages compared to the cubic design: On the one hand they are very robust, on the other hand, they can be installed in a particularly simple and space-saving way, thanks to the integrated threading. And, they are also very economically priced.


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F 18-2 – A new generation of barrel type optical sensors (March 2012)

The costs must come down

To meet the rising cost pressures which are part of the manufacturing process for solar cells, SensoPart Industriesensorik GmbH has developed the vision sensor VISOR® V10 Solar. The compact sensor is able to detect the position and damages of wafers and cells.


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Vision Sensor VISOR® V10 Solar (February 2012)

The clear choice.

A guaranteed clear view. The reflective light barrier FR 25-RGO with the DELTA-function detects transparent objects of any shape, even under difficult conditions.

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FR 25-RGO The photoelectric retro-reflective sensor detects transparent objects
FR 25-RGO Retro-reflective light barrier for the recognition of transparent objects

Whatever the situation.

New series of SensoPart sensors offers the most extensive range of its product class

The F 25 family of sensors impresses not only because of its par ticularly large selection of product variants, but also because of the numerous clever details that prove themselves in everyday practical use.


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F 25 Sensor family (2011-02)
F 25 Sensor family