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Detecting colors

Reliable detection and differentiation of colors

Differences in color and contrast are important characteristics for the detection and differentiation of objects. Sensors from SensoPart reliably detect colored objects, prints and labels during production processes or quality assurance.  

Our color and contrast sensors are suitable for almost every relevant automation task thanks to precise color evaluation and rapid cycle times. The compact FT 55-CM color sensor is particularly versatile, offering outstanding color detection and sorting even with challenging surfaces. Our portfolio also includes sensors suitable for special tasks, such as the identification of invisible, luminescent color markings. Our vision color sensors from the VISOR® Color series fulfil the highest requirements in terms of color detection. They offer very high color selectivity and can also detect active (self-illuminating) colors.  

Typical applications

Sorting colours with our compact colour sensor
Strong performance on colored surfaces

The compact FT 55-CM color sensor is particularly versatile, offering outstanding color detection even with challenging surfaces, and can, for example, reliably sort objects by color.

Colour sensor with high switching frequency for fast applications
Fast and reliable

The principle task of the RGB color sensor FT 25-C is the detection of a predefined color. Thanks to a high switching frequency of 10 kHz, it can also be used in very fast applications, for example for the detection of printed marks.

Colour sensor for passive colour detection, colour intensity and object position
Active colors included

Standard color sensors are limited to the identification of passive colors, such as object colors or colored markings. The VISOR® Object Color vision sensor also additionally recognises the active colors of fluorescent objects and can therefore, for example, differentiate between colored LEDs. On top of that, it also supplies information on color intensity and the object’s position