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Application example

Detection of the screws in the feeder


The task

The quantity of screws required for battery pack assembly is stored in a bunker feed system and fed from there to the screwing systems individually. For subsequent control of the correct position of the screws , they must be detected at a specific position in the feed system in order to provide a trigger signal.

The challenge

The reflective material and the surface structure make it difficult to detect the screws in the bunker feed system. In addition, a certain distance to the conveyor line must be maintained despite the tight installation space.

Our solution

The FT 10-BH(D) subminiature sensor with BlueLight technology can be integrated anywhere thanks to its compact design and is still just as powerful as sensors of larger series. Reflective, transparent or absorbing surfaces are no obstacle for it. Compared to inductive sensors, it offers a high scanning range. The simple operating concept facilitates its set-up. It is sufficient to manually or digitally select the respective screw as well as the background directly at the sensor and to teach-in this distance. Furthermore, settings can be carried out conveniently via the control thanks to IO-Link.

Your advantages

  • Subminiature sensor with innovative BlueLight technology and precise, adjustable background suppression
  • Precise and reliable switching behavior with highly light-absorbing objects
  • Operation without reflector - even with critical surfaces
  • Easy alignment due to clearly visible light spot
  • Sensor settings via teach-in, control input and IO-Link

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