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Material feed from a carrier (casing parts)

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The challenge:

In the first stages of assembly, individual components such as the casing of a cordless screwdriver, are fed into the production process. This can be challenging when you have differing orientations and several variations of each part, some of which could have delicate surfaces that must not be damaged by grippers so accurate location is a must.

Our solution:

The position of the components can be safely & reliably determined with the VISOR® Robotic vision sensor mounted directly on the robotic arm. This transmits the result simply and effortlessly directly to the robot controller. The FT 10 BlueLight sensor, installed on the gripper, checks that a component is present. Therefore the entire process is constantly monitored preventing errors.

Your benefits:

  • Considerable cost advantages due to the ability to use universal packaging / trays for all product versions compared to custom-made trays
  • Flexibility and future proofing as no mechanical elements for immobilising and aligning the parts are necessary
  • High precision feeding to the onwards processes
  • Reduction in transport costs through higher density packing of the parts
  • Easy expansion of production process
  • Additional safety during gripping process as subminiature sensors require minimum space

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