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Detecting objects

Checking presence, inspecting completeness, counting and sorting

  • Presence detection in assembly stations
    Presence detection in assembly stations
  • Checking the presence of objects
    Checking the presence of objects
  • Detecting the presence of small components
    Detecting the presence of small components
  • Production control of plastic parts
    Production control of plastic parts
  • Detecting packaging material
    Detecting packaging material

Is the object present? How is it lying on the belt? Is a Detail missing or has it been incorrectly assembled? These and many other applications can be reliably automated with sensors from SensoPart.

The proximity or photoelectric sensors of the F 10, F 25 or F 55 series, or the fiber-optic sensors of the FL 70 series, are particularly suitable for object detection tasks. And our vision sensors in the VISOR® series are a good choice for inspecting the completeness of complex objects because they can capture Images with up to 255 features.

SensoPart also offers a wide range of products for special Automation tasks, for example fork sensors and optical windows, inductive sensors, as well as ultrasonic sensors.

Inspect completeness of blister Detection of objects with lightabsorbing surfaces

Incorrect occupancy impossible:
The VISOR® Color combines colour and object detection in a single device and can therefore simultaneously inspect the completeness of blister occupancy as well as occupancy with the correct colour.

Reliable detection of solar wafers:
The FT 10 Bluelight sub-miniature proximity sensor is specially designed for the detection of objects with strongly lightabsorbing surfaces – particularly solar wafers. It is very easily integrated in production lines thanks to its tiny dimensions.

The following application examples show you various areas of use in real life.
VISOR® vision sensors Eyesight vision system Photoelectric and proximity sensors Fiber-optic sensors and fiber-optic cables
Fork sensors and optical windows Inductive and capacitive sensors Ultrasonic sensors
Application examplesProdcts
Correct orientation of feed-in of small parts   VISOR® Object
  Eyesight vision system
Counting parts on a vibration conveyor   Photoelectric sensors
  Fork sensors and optical windows
Detection of metallic objects   Photoelectric sensors
  Inductive and sensors
  Ultrasonic sensors
Detection of IC pins   Photoelectric sensors
  Fiber-optic sensors and fiber-optic cables
Presence of a bottle top   VISOR® Object
  Eyesight vision system
  Photoelectric sensors
Detection of transparent media   Photoelectric sensors
  Ultrasonic sensors
Inspecting filling levels   Fiber-optic sensors and fiber-optic cables
  Inductive and sensors
  Ultrasonic sensors


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