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Measurement of parts, monitoring of sag, measurement of thickness and distance, measurement of path and filling level

  • Measurement of component characteristics
    Measurement of component characteristics
  • Distance measurement for correct further processing
    Distance measurement for correct further processing

In many processes similar values, such as the distance or thickness of an object, must be determined. In such applications, the laser distance sensors of the FT 50-RLA series (which operate using the triangulation principle), and the particularly far-sighted FR 90-ILA (which can measure distances of up to 250 m with millimetre accuracy using light time-of-flight technology), have proved particularly effective.

The vision sensors of our VISOR® series can also be used for demanding measurement tasks. The VISOR® Solar can precisely measure solar cells and detect even minimal edge breakouts. In addition, the Eyesight vision system, with a function library with over 100 functions, is available for detailed inspections of dimensional accuracy.

Detection of smallest openings Precise distance calculation

Specialist for medical technology:
As a result of its narrow sound beam the UT 20-S ultrasonic sensor – used here for filling level measurement in the wells of microplates – allows the detection of objects through the smallest of openings and drilled holes with a diameter of less than 5 mm.

Precise distance calculation:
All distances in a part can be measured and evaluated with the distance tools of the Eyesight vision system. Radii, angles and drilled holes can also be inspected in a single inspection program.

The following application examples show you various areas of use in real life.
VISOR® Solar Eyesight vision system FT 25-RA miniature distance sensor FT 50/80-RLA distance sensor
FT/FR 9x laser distance sensors UT 20 ultrasonic sensor FT 55-RLAP distance sensor
Application examplesProducts
Measurement of turned parts   Eyesight vision system
Monitoring sag on material webs   UT 20 – ultrasonic sensor
  FT 55-RLAP – distance sensor
Regulating dancer rolls and monitoring sag   FT 25-RA – miniature distance sensor
  FT 50/80-RLA – distance sensor
Determination of coil thickness on a packaging machine   FT 50/80-RLA – distance sensor
  FT/FR 9x – laser distance sensors
  FT 55-RLAP – distance sensor
Filling level measurement   UT 20 – ultrasonic sensor
  FT 55-RLAP – distance sensor
Distance measurement on a robot gripper arm   FT 25-RA – miniature distance sensor
  FT 50/80-RLA – distance sensor
  FT 55-RLAP – distance sensor
Geometrical measurement of solar wafers   VISOR® Solar


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