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Pick & Place, Vision-Guided Robotics, End-of-Arm Tooling

Easy Robot Vision

Automation is unimaginable without robots in many sectors of industry today. Vision sensors therefore often serve as the eyes of the robot, supplying it with all the necessary information about part positions. The VISOR® Robotic is able to convert this information into values compatible with the robot's coordinate system before transmission to allow immediate use. Special functions, such as gripper space check and gripper point offset, guarantee additional safety for the automation of handling tasks.

Distance sensors are often used to improve the efficiency of robotics applications. They enable precise detection of the distance to the object to be gripped. The range of SensoPart distance sensors extends from the FT 10-RLA, the world's smallest optical distance sensor, to the FT 55-RLAM - the allrounder in distance measurement. These guarantee reliable distance measurement even for difficult handling tasks with varying part shapes and positions.

Simple connection to robotics systems of leading manufacturers


The VISOR® Robotic was specially developed for the challenges in robotics applications. With its integrated, standardised interfaces, it can be easily incorporated in existing plants and robotics systems.

Specially developed apps and function modules allow seamless communication between the vision sensor and the robot, and considerably facilitate setup, operation and data exchange, enabling quick integration of the sensor in numerous applications.

Our solutions for typical robotics applications

Thanks to our innovative product portfolio, we can offer simple and reliable solutions for most robotics applications.

Pick & Place

Distance measurement for gripper positioning
Presence detection in the gripper
Detecting and sorting colored objects
Checking the position of moving parts in gripper systems