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Chris Pavelin

Get to know Chris Pavelin, our Managing Director for SensoPart UK

The people behind SensoPart

Ever wondered what makes SensoPart a great place to work? Maybe our colleagues have the answers you've been seeking!
We believe that a company's true strength lies in the people who drive its success, and we're dedicated to introducing you to the individuals behind SensoPart. We've asked our team three key questions about their daily work, motivations, and the unique work atmosphere at SensoPart.

Let's get to know Chris better as he answers these three questions:

How does your normal working day at SensoPart look like?
There are no regular days for me at SensoPart UK as each is filled with different tasks & the variety keeps it fresh and exciting; Helping our customers, working within our UK team, coordinating with international colleagues, and planning for the ongoing growth are a few of the things that make me smile every day.

Complete the sentence: I became Managing Director because…
I became the Managing Director for the United Kingdom back in 2009. My predecessor had left so I approached Dr Wanner asking him about the role & despite it being in the middle of a global recession he gave me the opportunity to join the SensoPart team.
What makes SensoPart special for you? Why do you enjoy working at SensoPart?
What makes SensoPart so enjoyable for me is the camaraderie that runs throughout. Its within our UK team, with all my contacts at the Gottenheim head office and the teams at other daughter companies throughout the world.  

Meet Chris Pavelin, the driving force behind SensoPart UK, ensuring each day is filled with diverse tasks, customer care, and international collaboration, making every day at SensoPart a smiling one.