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Philipp Schöpf

Get to know Philipp Schöpf, our sales manager at SensoPart Austria

The people behind SensoPart

Ever wondered what makes SensoPart a great place to work? Maybe our colleagues have the answers you've been seeking!
We believe that a company's true strength lies in the people who drive its success, and we're dedicated to introducing you to the individuals behind SensoPart. We've asked our team three key questions about their daily work, motivations, and the unique work atmosphere at SensoPart.

Let's get to know Philipp better as he answers these three questions:

How does your normal working day at SensoPart look like?
My daily tasks are complex. As an example, one of my tasks is to visit existing and new customers in order to jointly develop solutions for their tasks in the field of sensor technology and vision projects.

Complete the sentence: I became sales manager Austria because…
in this position you have both: Technics as well as sales.
What makes SensoPart special for you? Why do you enjoy working at SensoPart?
It is great to be part of the SensoPart family because we are one of the leading manufacturers in image processing for industrial automation and our products are made in Germany. SensoPart is an innovative, inspiring, employee-friendly place to work.

Meet Philipp Schöpf, our Sales Manager at SensoPart Austria, where each day involves complex tasks, including visiting customers to collaboratively develop solutions in sensor technology and vision projects.