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Generation 4.0

Smart & High-end

Our Generation 4.0 sensors with robust metal housing, intuitive display, IO-Link and extensive functions for a wide range of application solutions convince with excellent sensor characteristics even at large distances.

Smart laser distance sensor of the latest generation

FT 55-RLAM - High-performance precision

The unique combination of characteristics makes the FT 55-RLAM sensor ideally suited for diverse sectors and applications, for example precise positioning in robotics tasks, measuring coil diameters or monitoring the tension of web materials. Thanks to the master slave function, the sensor can also be used for width or thickness measurements. One sensor – countless applications!

Typical applications

  • Determining the exact position of parts on an assembly line
  • Determining the position of a package so that it can be gripped by a robotic arm
  • Continuous monitoring of a coil, for example packaging machines
  • Master-slave mode for measurin material thickness or detectinga double feed
  • etc.
The allrounder: the latest generation of smart laser distance sensors Brochure (pdf, 638.87 KB)

Strong performance on colored surfaces

FT 55-CM - Full-spectrum color sensor

The number of potential applications for the FT 55-CM is virtually unlimited. This includes precise differentiation of colors on shiny surfaces or the sorting and automatic assignment of colored objects. Due to this wide scope of performance, the sensor demonstrates outstanding ability in many sectors.

Typical applications

  • Inspection of car fuses – color and material
  • Inspection of shiny blister packs
  • Distinguishing between polished and non-polished metal surfaces
  • Foil detection on shiny surfaces
  • Inspection of lids or labels
  • etc.
Strong performance on colored surfaces Brochure (pdf, 782.85 KB)

Precise detection even at long ranges

FT 55-RLHM - remarkably reliable

Thanks to excellent sensor characteristics and a number of different operating modes, FT 55-RLHM is the perfect solution for many areas of application. The special double layer detection mode can be used to check whether too many, too little or the right number of metal sheets are present. “Detect All” mode identifies all deviations from the reference object (e.g. the background) – whether with regard to the surface, distance or deflected laser light beam – and with no blind zone. Due to its extensive scope of performance, the sensor is suitable for countless challenging applications in a variety of different sectors, particularly those in which precision and reliability are key factors.

Typical applications

  • Detecting the presence of black objects on a black background
  • Detecting the presence of weld nuts
  • Stacking height measurement
  • etc.

The FT 55-RLHM shows off its talent when normal scanning sensors reach their limits, for example, when detecting flat gaskets, Thanks to its small hysteresis – adjustable via I/O-Link – and large operating range, it guarantees the necessary reliability for utmost quality inspections during object detection.

Precise detection even at long ranges Brochure (pdf, 816.93 KB)


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