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IO-Link - The standard for Industry 4.0

IO-Link illustration


Sensors are being used in more and more complex tasks in the course of the 4th industrial revolution. To make full use of the sensor’s performance capacity, IO-Link now enables communication down to the lowest field level.


Our highlights

Smart generation 4.0 laser distance sensor: the allrounder
distance sensor ft 55 rlam

Its combination of unique characteristics makes FT 55-RLAM ideally suited for diverse sectors and applications, whether identifying positions in robotics applications, determining a coil diameter or monitoring the tension of web materials. One sensor - countless applications!

FT 55-RLAM distance sensors

Generation 4.0 color sensors: strong performance on colored surfaces
FT 55-CM-4

The new generation of color sensors exists in a total of three versions, carefully adapted to different applications. Thanks to its integrated polarised filter, version CM-1 is ideally suited for shiny surfaces, such as metallic objects. Version CM-3 has the optimum characteristics if a small light spot is required, e.g. for checking registration marks in the printing industry. If the sensor is to be installed at longer distances from the object, CM-4 offers a vast operating range of up to 150mm, with a high depth of focus. The large integrated LCD display and remote configuration via IO-Link set new standards in ease of use and connectivity. This unique combination of characteristics makes the sensor the optimum choice for challenging color detection and sorting tasks, for example in the automotive, plastics, pharmaceutical or packaging industries.

FT 55-CM color sensors

The world's smallest optical laser distance sensor

With the distance sensor FT 10-RLA featuring measured value output via IO-Link, SensoPart now offers the smallest laser distance sensor on the market. This is particularly suited for applications in limited assembly space or where weight is critical. Typical applications include controlling opening of robotic grippers or the precise measurement or detection of electronic components.

FT 10-RLA distance sensor

Our comprehensive portfolio of optical IO-Link sensors

Sub-miniature photoelectric sensors

The sensors in the FT 10 series, in LED and laser versions, form one of the most expansive ranges of subminiature sensors on the market, and are ideally suited for installation in tight spaces as well as in moving machine parts.

FT 10-R(L)H photoelectric sensors with background suppression

A new generation of miniature distance sensors and photoelectric sensors
F 20 Miniatur-Sensoren

The right sensor for every application: The F 25 sensor family from SensoPart is extremely diverse, offering a comprehensive portfolio of miniature sensors - from the LED photoelectronic through-beam sensor to the laser photoelectric proximity sensor with adjustable background suppression. Whether used for small part detection or presence detection on the conveyor belt, the F 25 series demonstrates excellent performance in every application.

FT 25-R(L)A distance sensors F 25 miniature photoelectric sensors FT 25-C color sensor FT 25 contrast sensors

Distance sensors and photoelectric sensors for long scanning ranges
FT 55-RLAP(2)

Users will always be on the safe side when choosing the time-of-flight sensors of the FT 55 series. The sensors continually produce reliable and reproducible results, whether used for checking coil winding, the positioning of robotic arms, the occupancy of storage bays in high bay warehouses, the positioning of round timber or the measurement of stack heights and fill levels.

FT 55-RLAP(2) distance sensors FT 55-RLHP2 photoelectric sensors with background suppression

Photoelectric sensors in barrel type housings
FT 04/05

The LED miniature sensors of the series FT 04 (Ø 4 mm) and FT 05 (Ø 5 mm) in barrel type stainless steel housings have some special features compared to the cubic design. They are not only particularly robust, but thanks to the integrated thread, they are also very easy to install and save space. FT 04/05 photoelectric sensors in barrel type housings



The SensoIO is the ideal tool for development and service. With the help of the USB-IO-Link master settings can be made quickly and easily on the PC.