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IO-Link - The standard for Industry 4.0

IO-Link illustration


Sensors are being used in more and more complex tasks in the course of the 4th industrial revolution. To make full use of the sensor’s performance capacity, IO-Link now enables communication down to the lowest field level.


Product overview

Color sensors - the right version for every application
FT 55-CM-4

FT 55-CM

With its range of functions and ease of use, the FT 55-CM color sensor is unique in its performance class . The new generation of color sensors is available in three variants, which are optimized for different applications. Thanks to integrated polarizing filters, the CM-1 version is ideally suited for glossy surfaces such as metallic objects. If a small light spot is required, e.g. for the detection of printed marks, the variant CM-3 shows its strengths. If the sensor needs to be mounted at a greater distance from the object, the variant CM-4 offers an enormous working range of up to 150 mm while maintaining a high depth of field. The large integrated LCD display and remote configuration via IO-Link set standards in terms of ease of use and connectivity. These features, unique in their combination, predestine the sensor for demanding color recognition and sorting tasks, be it in the automotive, plastics, pharmaceutical or packaging industry.
Distance sensors for long scanning ranges
FT 55-RLAP(2)

FT 55-RLAP(2)

Distance sensors of type FT 55-RLAP(2) that function according to the time-of-flight principle measure distances of up to 5m with utmost precision. They supply a signal either via the analogue output (4 to 20 mA/0 to 10 V) or via IO-Link, and also have an additional switching output with a switching window function or foreground suppression, which can be adjusted independently of the analog measuring range. The sensor can be used for example for coil diameter control, robot positioning or the measurement of fill levels and stacking heights.
Photoelectric sensors for long scanning ranges


Proximity sensor versions of type FT 55-RLHP2 with IO-Link are optionally available with one or two digital switching outputs and offer reliable object detection at long distances (up to 5 m on white and 3 m on black). Reliable detection of the target object is guaranteed even with interfering backgrounds, regardless of colour, shape, structure and alignment. Time-of-flight proximity switches are used for example to check the assembly of rubber and plastic components in automotive manufacturing, to check the occupancy of storage bays in high bay warehouses or to check the position of round timber.
IO-Link Master
IO-Link Master

IO-Link Master

IO-Link Masters combine the advantages of the proven IO-Link standard with those of the Industrial Ethernet and enable an easy integration of sensors into Profinet, EthernetIP or Modbus TCP networks. The powerful web server ensures a quick and easy configuration of the Master or connected IO-Link sensors on the PC.


The robust IP 67 housings are designed for daily use in harsh production environments, making subsequent retrofitting of existing equipment easy.


The SensoIO is the ideal tool for development and service. With the USB-IO-Link Master, all settings can be carried out quickly and easily on a PC or laptop.