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Small enough to fit on every gripper: SensoPart presents new subminiature LED sensors

SensoPart has expanded its subminiature sensor series in time for the sps ipc drives 2013 exhibition in Nuremberg. The range now offers LED sensors, in addition to laser sensors, including a proximity switch with adjustable background suppression and a blue light version for strongly light-absorbing objects.

The LED proximity switch FT 10-RH is a special highlight amongst the new sensors: it offers adjustable background suppression which means it can be adjusted to different objects and applications without modifications. Its maximum scanning range of 70 mm is unique for this sensor size. Fixed focus proximity switches – also equipped with background suppression – are also available with scanning ranges of 15mm, 30 mm or 50 mm.

Background suppression in F 10 sensors from SensoPart is based on distance measurement using an ASIC array. This functional principle enables highly-accurate spatial resolution so that objects can be reliably distinguished in front of light backgrounds or reflective machine parts – whatever the colour and surface finish.

Subminiture sensor detects sealing washer


Millimetre accuracy:
The FT 10-RLH even detects height differences of just 1 mm, found for example when monitoring the presence of a sealing washer, without difficulty.

Measuring just 21.1 x 14.6 x 8 mm3 and weighing only 3 g, the tiny proximity switches can be mounted directly on a robotic gripper and are therefore ideal for pick-and-place applications. They are perfect for space-saving installation in handling systems, assembly robotics and highlyintegrated machines or as a low-cost alternative to fibre-optic systems.

Small enough to fit on every gripper - subminiture sensors

In the robot’s arm: Thanks to its miniaturised housing and low weight the sensors of the F 10 series are predestined for use where space is very limited – integrated in a robot arm, for example.

One model, numerous applications

In addition to the aforementioned proximity switch with red transmitter LED, SensoPart also offers a blue light version (fixed focus 30 mm). The F 10 blue light has been specially developed for detection of strongly light-absorbing objects such as solar cells. Another new member of the F 10 series is the LED retro-reflective light barrier FR 10-R with a high operating range (up to 1.6 m) and teach-in function. Thanks to these new additions, users of SensoPart’s subminiature F 10 series can now cover numerous applications with just one model. Not only are different functional principles available (proximity switches with adjustable background suppression, fixed focus proximity switches with background suppression, through-beams and retro-reflective light barriers), but there is also a choice of several light sources (laser, red light LED, blue light LED).



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