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FT 25-C1-GS-M4M

For this prodcut a new version is available:
» FT 25-C1-GSL-M4M (607-21040).
That offers additional functionality via IO-Link.

- High switching frequency of ≤ 10 kHz for rapid automation processes
- Teach-in modes with ‘fine, medium, coarse’ colour selectivity and ‘best choice (colour/background teach-in)’ enable precise, customised adjustments to applications
- Vast depth of focus ranging from ±2mm to ±6mm enables resilient functioning with fluttering objects
- Reliable detection of „non-colours“ black, white, grey
- Simple alignment and precise front edge detection thanks to easily visible and precise light spot
- Reliable operation even with fluttering and shiny objects
- Plug connector M8 4-pin
Product data
Version Colour sensor
Type F 25
Light Type LED, RGB
Switching frequency 10000 Hz
Switching output Push-Pull
Connection type Metal plug M8 4-pin
Scanning distance 9 - 15 mm

Order Number: 607-21020

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CE UL certified
Technical specifications
FT 25-C (w/o IO-Link)
Catalogue extract
06 Color, contrast and luminescence sensors
Product overview
F 25 Sensor family - product overview
FT 25-C RGB colour sensor in miniature housing
Operating instructions
FT 25-C
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