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FT 50 C-1-PS1-L8
Switching output, control input and bus-compatible RS485 interface
Interface enables transmission of colour channel or colour value as well as reading, modification and storage of sensor parameters
Reference colours can be added or the colour range extended in up to 4 steps
Colour and grey selectivity can be adjusted separately for every colour
Reflector operation possible (reflex foil RF10C, order type 904-51633)
Product data
Version Colour sensor
Type F 50
Light Type LED, white
Switching frequency 500 Hz
Switching output PNP
Connection type Plug M12 8-pin
Scanning distance 12 - 32 mm

Order Number: 575-11007

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Technical specifications
FT 50 C - serial switching interface
Catalogue extract
06 Color, contrast and luminescence sensors
FT 50 C...S1 Colour sensor
FT 50 C...S1
F 50