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FT 25-RA-170-NSU-M4M

For this prodcut a new version is available:
» FT 25-RA-170-PNSUL-M4M (604-41009).
That offers additional functionality via IO-Link.

  • Miniature housing for an easy integration and high flexibility -
  • High precision and high repeatability - especially for control tasks -
  • Almost surface independant detection - constant values on colored, glossy or reflecting objects
  • Separate adjustment of the analogue measurement range and switching output by an easy teach-in
  • Adjustable window mode (e.g. for two-step controls)
  • Invertible analogue characteristic
  • NPN
Product data
Type F 25
Typical resolution ~ 0,68 mm
Light Type LED, red
Range 200 mm
Connection type Metal plug M8 4-pin
Switching output Analogue
Supply voltage 13 - 30 V DC

Order Number: 604-41003

Product enquiry

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CE UL certified
Technical specifications
FT 25-RA
Catalogue extract
05 Distance sensors
Product overview
F 25 Sensor family - product overview
Operating instructions
FT 25-R(L)A
F 25 plug and cable/Teach-in
F 25 Analogue sensor