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FT 50 RLA-70-PL5
Working range 30 ... 100 mm
High independence of the diffuse reflection of the target object (glossy and reflective objects)
Difference measurement due to Master/Slave function
High resolution
Fast response time
2 signal outputs
Product data
Type F 50
Typical resolution ~ 0,1 mm
Light Type Laser, red
Range 100 mm
Connection type Plug M12 5-pin
Switching output Analogue
Supply voltage 18 - 30 V DC

Order Number: 574-41027

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CE UL certified
Technical specifications
FT 50 RLA-70 /-100 /-220
Catalogue extract
05 Distance sensors
Mounting and operating instructions
FT 50 RLA 70-PL5 / 100-PL5 / 220-PL5
F 50