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Fibre-optic cables - special

Fibre-optic cables for special requirements

Sensoren Made in Germany 

Typical Fibre-optic cables – special designs


SensoPart offers a variety of special fibre-optic cable designs for particular applications and installation situations. Fork sensors, for example: in the fork design, the transmitter and receiver are precisely adjusted towards one another so that no alignment is necessary. Typical applications are the reliable detection of marks on continuous strips and small-part detection from a diameter of 0.2 mm.

Fibre-optic cables with very fine, flexible stainless steel tips are another highlight. The extraordinarily thin tube diameter allows access to extremely restricted spaces. The stainless steel tip can be individually reshaped with small bending radii and remains stable in this position. This ensures smooth process operation.

Fibre-optic cables – special designs - Highlights


Fibre-optic cables – special designs – Product overview

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