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Generation 4.0 - SMART and HIGH END

Our Generation 4.0 sensors with an intuitive display, IO-Link and comprehensive functions for diverse application solutions impress with excellent sensor characteristics.



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A smart laser distance sensor with high-performance precision

FT 55-RLAM - the allrounder

The unique combination of characteristics makes the FT 55-RLAM sensor ideally suited for diverse sectors and applications, for example precise positioning in robotics tasks, measuring coil diameters or monitoring the tension of web materials. Thanks to the master-
slave function, the sensor can also be used for width or thickness measurements. One sensor – countless applications!

  • Determining the exact position of parts on an assembly line
  • Determining the position of a package so that it can be grippedDetermining the position of a package so that it can be grippedby a robotic arm
  • Continuous monitoring of a coil,Continuous monitoring of a coil,example packaging machine
  • Master-slave mode for measuringMaster-slave mode for measuringmaterial thickness or detectinga double feed




Cover Brochüre FT 55-CM

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A smart color sensor bursting with talent

FT 55-CM - Full-spectrum color sensor

The compact colour sensor FT 55-CM is extremely versatile and easy to use and is therefore ideal for diverse colour detection and sorting applications:

  • Inspection of car fuses – color and material
  • Inspection of shiny blister packs
  • Distinguishing between polished and non-polished metal surfaces
  • Foil detection on shiny surfaces
  • Inspection of lids or labels