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FT 10-RLH-PS-KM3-X07

- Scanning range 70 mm, adjustable with teach-in
- Ultra-small and robust housing
- Laser, red light 655 nm
- Laser class 1
- Easy & flexible mounting (drill hole or dovetail)
- External teach/key lock

Product data
Version Photoelectric diffuse sensor with background suppression
Housing cube
Type F 10
Light Type Laser, red
Scanning distance 6 ... 70 mm
Connection type Pigtail 500 mm/M8 3-pin
Protection standard IP67
Switching output PNP
Switching frequency 1000 Hz

Order Number: 600-11158

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CE UL certifiedLaserEcoLab
Technical specifications
FT 10-RLH (w/o IO-Link)
Catalogue extract
07.2 F 10 sub-miniature sensors
F 10 Sub-miniature sensors
Operating instructions
FT 10
F 10