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VISOR® Robotic


The expert sensor for robotics applications

Expectations of today’s robotics solutions are steadily rising in the context of Industry 4.0, paired with a simultaneous desire for greater ease-of-use. And this is precisely where the VISOR® Robotic demonstrates its outstanding ability. Available in several versions, it offers the perfect solution for a variety of automation tasks. Designed with integrated and standardised interfaces, VISOR® Robotic can be easily incorporated in existing installations and systems, and thanks to different calibration methods and flexible data structures, it is also suited to a diverse range of procedures.

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With the VISOR® Robotic, the components can now be safely located and gripped, regardless of whether they are fed into universal trays or by using hopper feeders.

What happens after components have been reliably collected by the gripper? The VISOR® Robotic also supplies important information for the next work steps. The detection of component positions is carried out effortlessly; this allows the correction of any offset and increases the quality of production.

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Real-world engineering units and robot coordinates at a mouse click.

Find out more about all the advantages of the new calibration functions in the following video:

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SensoPart wins Automation Award

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VISOR® – the one with a BLOB!


Mehr Infos zum VISOR Vision-Sensor

Unpack, setup – it’s ready to run! The VISOR® by SensoPart saves valuable time as it is ready to use in just 10 minutes.

With the new BLOB detector (Binary Large Object) you are able to configure complex evaluations even easier and more comfortable:

  • Wide range of uses e.g. positioning, counting, sorting or feeding correctly positioned parts
  • Analysis of several objects in one picture, e.g. in counting and sorting applications
  • Face up / face down recognition e.g. for the feeding of parts in correct alignment
  • Available in VISOR® Object and VISOR® Color sensors.

Existing devices can be updated. Download Vision Software

VISOR Blob Bauch Rueckenlage   VISOR Blob Zaehlen   VISOR Blob Sortieren Farbe
Face up / Face down recognition   Sorting by colour    Counting 



Video: VISOR® Vision sensor with BLOB function


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It couldn’t be any faster and easier: The VISOR® combines high-tech image processing with a uniquely simple handling.

Easy. Easier. VISOR®

Now also available with calliper function: