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VISOR® V10 Object Advanced

Product data
Product family V10 (800x600)
Type Object
Product line Advanced
Integrated lighting LED, red
Optics (field of view) Wide
Imaging chip Monochrome
Focus Motorised focus
Depth of field Normal
Interfaces Ethernet (LAN), EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, SensoWeb
Target laser Yes

Order Number: 631-91019

Product enquiry

Image may vary from product.
CE UL certifiedProfiNet
Ethernet IP
Technical specifications
V10 Object Advanced wide
Catalogue extract
02.2 VISOR® Object sensor
Product overview VISOR®
V10/V20 next gen. Smartcam
VISOR® next generation V10/V20 Firmware V2.0.2.5
VISOR® PC-Software V2.0.2.5
VISOR® operating instructions
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-Target laser

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