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VISOR V10 Code Reader, Advanced, for OCR, 1D / 2D Codes and object detection, max. 255 jobs with 255 detectors each, alignment, multiple different code types with one reading, focal length 6mm, enhanced focal depth, infrared LEDs, 10 IO channels, encoder inp, interface to IO-Box, RS422, RS232, Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET
Product data
Type V10 Code Reader
Product family V10
Product line Advanced
Resolution 736x480 px
Light Type LED, infrared
Focal distance 6
Interfaces Ethernet / Serial / Encoder / IO-Box

Order Number: 535-91031

Product enquiry

V10_OB_A1_I12_4dac1747521d8.jpgImage may vary from product.
CE UL certifiedProfiNet
Ethernet IP
Technical specifications
V10 Code Advanced - 6mm (1st generation)
Catalogue extract
04 VISOR® Code Reader
Product overview VISOR® (1st generation)
CAD file
V10/V20 (1. Gen.) Smartcam
VISOR® PC-Software V2.2.0.1
VISOR® installation guide (1. generation)