1. FMH 18


    FMH 18the first proximity sensor in a cylindrical housing with very precisely adjustable background suppression, achieved via a 12-step potentiometer

  2. FT 50


    FT 50scanner with adjustable background suppression and analogue switching point indicator, with rotatable plug

  3. FT 20


    FT 20smallest photoelectric proximity sensor with LED or laser light, adjustable background suppression and teach-in

  4. FT 50 C


    FT 50 Cthe world’s smallest colour sensor with white light LED and spectral colour separation with innovative tube prism system

  5. F 90


    F 90laser distance sensor with long range, light time-of-flight measurement and an adjustment laser that can be switched off

  6. FT 50 RLA


    FT 50 RLAlaser distance sensor (triangulation process) with excellent measurement properties and many supplementary functions

  7. FA 45/46


    FA 45/46vision sensors in compact industry-oriented housings (IP 67) with built-in lens and integrated illumination

  8. FT 55


    FT 55family of photoelectric sensors with laser proximity sensor with highly precise, adjustable background, in plastic housings (IP 69K) and long scanning distances

  9. FT 10


    FT 10the world’s smallest laser proximity sensor with highly precise, adjustable background suppression, and suppression of interference

  10. F 25


    F 25variant-rich series of powerful and robust miniature sensors with highly precise, adjustable background suppression

  11. VISOR®


    VISOR®user-friendly vision sensor with particularly powerful image processing and expanded functionality

  12. F 10 Bluelight


    F 10 BluelightBlue LEDs with extra reliable detection with very dark or transparent objects

  13. FT 55-CM


    FT 55-CM first generation 4.0 sensor. Smart full-spactrum color sensor for reliable color detection and assignment with intuitive sensor configuration via display and IO-Link.

  14. VISOR®


    VISOR® Robotic vision sensor for robotics applications. Gripper space check, result-offset, calibration methods. Pick and place applications made easy.

  15. FT 10-RLA


    FT 10-RLA The world's smallest optical distance sensor with excellent sensor characteristics for precision measurement tasks in confined spaces.

  16. VISOR®


    VISOR® new generation vision sensor with slender metal housing, improved lighting and new added functions, such as a target laser and motorised.

  17. FT 55-RLAM


    FT 55-RLAM new sensor of generation 4.0. Smart laser distance sensor for precision measuring tasks and reliable object detection with intuitive sensor configuration via display and IO-Link.