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SensoPart Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct applies to all of us. From the new team member to the management - we expect everyone to know and comply with the standards described and to remind others of them when necessary. The Code of Conduct applies to all companies in the SensoPart Group.


We do not accept any form of corruption, including but not limited to extortion, fraud, bribery or graft. We expect our employees to comply with laws and internal policies (e.g. our Code of Conduct) to avoid even the appearance of corrupt practices.

Antitrust law/regulation

We operate in various markets and are subject to both national and international antitrust regulations. Violations can have significant consequences. Compliance with antitrust regulations is therefore very important to us and their violation will not be tolerated.

Data protection

All employees are responsible for ensuring that our high data protection standards are observed without exception. The Data Privacy and Confidentiality Principles contain the relevant guidelines for handling data. We train colleagues and have policies in place that set out best practices, guidance and information for all employees to ensure we meet our standards.


We comply with all legal and regulatory tax obligations in every country in which we operate. We continuously improve to ensure that the right culture, principles, processes, organization and communication are in place to meet all given obligations.

Whistleblower portal

Our whistleblower portal provides the opportunity to quickly and easily report concerns about misconduct affecting our company or the well-being of employees or third parties at any time - anonymously if desired.

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Code of Conduct - ZVEI 2020 pdf, 2.00 MB