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VISOR® Object AI – the future of machine vision

With artificial intelligence, the new VISOR® Object AI is even easier to set up - even without expert knowledge in machine vision.

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Vision sensor makes the invisible visible

The VISOR® UV from SensoPart with integrated UV illumination can evaluate markings, inscriptions and codes that are invisible to the human eye. With its wide range of functions, the new member of the VISOR® product family is unique on the market and opens up a variety of new…

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High scanning range in miniature housing

It might not be any taller than a matchbox, but it has what it takes: SensoPart's FT 25-RLHP time-of-flight sensor – using visible red light – detects even the smallest objects at a range of up to 1.5 metres.

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Simple solutions for challenging inspection tasks

SensoPart’s range of VISOR® sensors now allows complex linking of detection results – previously reserved to much more expensive image processing systems or sophisticated PLC applications. These advanced possibilities for processing results are part of a free software upgrade.

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SensoPart honored by Vision Systems Design 2022 Innovators Awards Program

SensoPart, German sensor manufacturer, announced today that its VISOR® Vision Sensor with Advanced Result Processing Capabilities was recognized among the best in machine vision by the judges of the Vision Systems Design 2022 Innovators Awards program. The judging panel consisted…

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New functions for the VISOR® Code Reader

As part of a comprehensive software upgrade for the VISOR® vision sensor family, SensoPart has equipped its VISOR® Code Reader with additional functions. The sensor is now also able to read Aztec and micro QR codes.

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Versatile monitoring with VISOR®

New design, additional functions: SensoPart equips its VISOR® range of vision sensors with an upgraded version of the SensoWeb monitoring software. Differentiated statistical evaluations can now also be displayed in addition to the current status.

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Software upgrade for VISOR®

New functions for the Code Reader and a revamped monitoring software with enhanced statistical functions: SensoPart’s VISOR® vision sensors received their extensive annual software upgrade at the start of 2022.

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