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Innovative through research

The  Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft honors our research activities with the seal "Innovative through Research". We are delighted about…

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The all-seeing detector

Gottenheim, July 2020 - SensoPart’s new laser proximity sensor FT 55-RLHM with background suppression (BGS) detects surfaces of any kind and…

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SensoPart Awarded Outstanding Score in Vision Systems Design 2020 Innovators Awards Program

Gottenheim, June 2020 - SensoPart, German sensor manufacturer, announced today that its VISOR® Robotic vision sensor was recognized among the best in…

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Intelligent vision sensor simplifies image-guided robotics

Gottenheim, June 2020 - SensoPart’s latest software update for its VISOR® Robotic vision sensor makes the setup of robotics applications even simpler…

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Vision sensor replaces PLC

Gottenheim, May 2019 - A comprehensive software update is making VISOR® vision sensors from SensoPart even smarter and more versatile: As of now,…

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Higher resolution for even greater code reading stability

Gottenheim, May 2019 - With the VISOR® Code Reader V20 Standard, SensoPart expands its family of vision sensors with a low-cost version for standard…

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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to provide reliable information about our upcoming exhibitions participations.

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