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One Update, Two Breakthroughs - VISOR® redefines vision sensor standards

SensoPart, a leader in the development of vision sensors, introduces the latest software update for its VISOR® series. With this free update, SensoPart enhances the VISOR® vision sensors with top-notch features for precise contour checks and individual markings, previously only…


Certification for ISO 14001:2015

The ISO 14001:2015 certification confirms our commitment to sustainable practices and our respectful use of natural resources, which is deeply rooted in our corporate management values.


Expansion to Portugal

With immense joy and pride, we announce the next consistent step in our company history: the establishment of our new subsidiary, SensoPart Portugal! This strategic expansion not only marks a milestone in our expansion, but also underscores our relentless commitment to being…


VISOR® Robotic Yaskawa App: Robot integration made easy

Set up robotics applications even faster and easier with the VISOR® Robotic Yaskawa app.


"We are everywhere robotics is used!"

Interview with Christian Ott, Director of Global Direct Sales at SensoPart Industriesensorik GmbH, published in the German magazine "Wirtschaftsforum".


One with the robot. Easy. Quick. Flexible. VISOR®.

Set up robotic applications even faster and easier with the new VISOR® Robotic URCap.


VISOR® Object AI – the future of machine vision

With artificial intelligence, the new VISOR® Object AI is even easier to set up - even without expert knowledge in machine vision.


Vision sensor makes the invisible visible

The VISOR® UV from SensoPart with integrated UV illumination can evaluate markings, inscriptions and codes that are invisible to the human eye. With its wide range of functions, the new member of the VISOR® product family is unique on the market and opens up a variety of new…

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