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BlueLight Technology

When it comes to accurate detection, blue has no limits

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Efforts to reduce fossil fuel consumption are leading to a rapid rise in e-mobility. Electrically powered cars, bicycles and even scooters are becoming increasingly popular.

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Detect the difference.

With our innovative sensors and vision cameras we accompany your transformation into a digital factory. Whether for the identification or inspection of objectspositioning tasks in the robotics industry or numerous other sensor tasks, we offer simple and reliable solutions using state-of-the-art technologies, designed with modern interfaces for the integration into future-oriented infrastructure.


Detect the difference!

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Distance sensors for all measuring tasks: Triangulation sensors, time-of-flight sensors with IO-Link
Distance sensors

Accurate and non-contact distance measurement
for automation technology

Easy. Robot. Vision.

Smart vision and sensor solutions for robotics applications.

Themenbanner IO-Link

Our sensors with IO-Link - the standard for Industry 4.0

Target Mark 3D technology

High-accuracy 3D robotics

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New functions for the VISOR® Code Reader

As part of a comprehensive software upgrade for the VISOR® vision sensor family, SensoPart has equipped its VISOR® Code Reader with additional…

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Versatile monitoring with VISOR®

New design, additional functions: SensoPart equips its VISOR® range of vision sensors with an upgraded version of the SensoWeb monitoring software.…

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Software upgrade for VISOR®

New functions for the Code Reader and a revamped monitoring software with enhanced statistical functions: SensoPart’s VISOR® vision sensors received…

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High-performance subminiature blue light sensor for all types of detection tasks

With its long range and two switching outputs, SensoPart's new BlueLight subminiature sensor FT 10-BHD is suited to an extensive range of…

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