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Detect the difference.

We accompany your transformation into a digital factory of the future. Whether for the identification or inspection of objects, the positioning of robotics, mounting and handling applications or numerous other sensor tasks, we offer simple and reliable solutions using state-of-the-art technologies, designed with modern interfaces for integration into future-oriented infrastructure.

Detect the difference!

In the spotlight

Distance sensors

Accurate and non-contact distance measurement
for automation technology

Easy. Robot. Vision.

Pick & Place, Vision-guided-robotics, End-of-arm Tooling.

BlueLight Technology

The next generation of object detection

News and dates


Innovative through research

The  Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft honors our research activities with the seal "Innovative through Research". We are delighted about…

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Automation Award 2020 - Please vote for us

Our vision sensor VISOR® Robotic has been nominated for the Automation Award 2020. Every vote counts, so go and vote for us!

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The all-seeing detector

Gottenheim, July 2020 - SensoPart’s new laser proximity sensor FT 55-RLHM with background suppression (BGS) detects surfaces of any kind and…

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SensoPart Awarded Outstanding Score in Vision Systems Design 2020 Innovators Awards Program

Gottenheim, June 2020 - SensoPart, German sensor manufacturer, announced today that its VISOR® Robotic vision sensor was recognized among the best in…

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