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Reliable detection of small parts and colors

The handling and assembly of sensitive electronic components requires utmost precision. Switching sensors and vision sensors from SensoPart guarantee smooth procedures and error-free results.

We have a suitable sensor for every stage of production: A photoelectric proximity sensor from the F 10 sub-miniature series or a fork sensor from the FGL-RK series checks the presence of components that are supplied loose; an FT 25-C color sensor sorts them by color code; a VISOR® Robotic vision sensor supplies the necessary position information to the handling robot so that the latter can accurately grip each part and deposit it in a tray.  Our vision sensors also prove valuable during quality control of electronic assemblies, as unlike standard color sensors, they can recognise active colors from fluorescent objects, such as LEDs.

Typical applications

Checking of the heat transfer paste

Thermal paste ensures the efficient removal of heat generated during the operation of electrical components and is therefore essential for their service life. The VISOR® Object Color checks the correct size and correct application of the thermal paste during the manufacturing process.

Quality of LED arrays

The VISOR® Object Color vision sensor reliably detects and distinguishes the colors of bright LEDs. Since the compact machine vision system also provides information on the object position, it can be used very effectively to check whether colored LEDs or display elements have been correctly assembled and the LEDs also provide the desired brightness.

Code reading on circuit boards

With the help of the VISOR® Code Reader, the correct circuit board is always used in the production process. Even under difficult conditions, it reads 2D codes extremely reliably and thus ensures error-free component use. In particular, our new VISOR® V50 with its 5 MP resolution is capable of reading entire arrays of codes even in large fields of view or identifying very small codes.


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