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Assembly & handling

Every part in the right place

There’s no-one in sight, everything is moving as if by magic: conveyor systems are rumbling, robot arms are gyrating, workpieces are being separated, picked up and put down, and then transported on conveyor belts and finally assembled. SensoPart sensors ensure that all these procedures are carried out seamlessly and without any human intervention. 


We have the right sensor for every task in our portfolio: our fork sensors in a robust plastic housing are suited for detecting small parts on vibrating conveyors; for applications in confined spaces, our F 10 series of sub-miniature laser sensors are the solution – these tiny sensors can even be fitted on a robot gripper arm. Our VISOR® Object vision sensors are ideal for complex inspections of the position and completeness of components, while our VISOR® Robotic is the best choice for seamless cooperation and communication with handling robots.

Typical applications


Correct sorting of the feeder

When feeding parts from a vibratory bowl, it must be ensured that the wrong components are not installed - this control function is performed by the FT 25-C color sensor with its precise color recognition. If the parts also have to be checked for the correct position, the VISOR® Object is used.

Assembly control at the manual workstation

Every handle of the worker must be in place - so that the right part is removed from the containers and assembled in the right order.
The VISOR® Object with its detectors can carry out various tests simultaneously - thus it supports the worker and checks the individual work steps before something important is forgotten or something wrong is installed. And this also from difficult angles to give the worker the greatest possible freedom of movement.


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