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Application example

Measuring the radius of a drill hole

Task definition

Punched, milled or cut holes in metal sheets are checked for dimensional accuracy during assembly. 
The aim of this application is to measure the radius of a hole in a metal sheet. 
The challenges here lie in the different surfaces of the objects, which are often contaminated with oil stains, dirt or scratches. Maintaining given minimum distances to the object and converting values from pixels into millimetres or inches can also be a source of problems. 

Raw image

Raw image

Our solution

The VISOR® Object BLOB detector can be used to measure the radius, compactness as well as the maximum inner and outer deviation of holes. Square or rectangular holes can also be measured with the BLOB detector. 

Calibration with the SensoPart calibration plate compensates perspective errors and lens distortion.

An additional panel light can be used as transmitted light for even greater measuring accuracy.

BLOB detector

The BLOB detector determines the area and radius of the borehole.

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