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Blue misses nothing. Sensors with BlueLight technology Brochure (pdf, 2.52 MB)
Distance sensors from SensoPart Brochure (pdf, 4.89 MB)
F 55 – long-range compact time-of-flight sensors Brochure (pdf, 1.56 MB)
FT 10-RLA - The smallest optical distance sensor in the world Brochure (pdf, 338.86 KB)
FT 25-C - RGB colour sensor in miniature housing Brochure (pdf, 1.59 MB)
FT 25-C - RGB barevný snímač v miniaturním pouzdru (czech version) Brochure (pdf, 990.94 KB)
FT 55-CM – Full-spectrum color sensor Brochure (pdf, 782.85 KB)
FT 55-RLAM – high-performance precision Brochure (pdf, 592.06 KB)
Flyer: FT 55 RLHM - DE/EN/FR -07-2020 Brochure (pdf, 816.93 KB)
Product overview VISOR® and sensors Brochure (pdf, 3.97 MB)
Product overview sensors Brochure (pdf, 12.06 MB)
VISOR® - Calibration of Vision Sensors Brochure (pdf, 1.95 MB)
VISOR® Multishot Brochure (pdf, 446.98 KB)
VISOR® Product Overview Brochure (pdf, 3.15 MB)
VISOR® Robotic Brochure (pdf, 288.23 KB)
VISOR® Robotic with KUKA App Brochure (pdf, 209.79 KB)
VISOR® Robotic with URCap Brochure (pdf, 147.25 KB)
VISOR® and Sensors for laboratory automation Brochure (pdf, 1.57 MB)
VISOR® and sensors for automated plastics processing Brochure (pdf, 3.43 MB)
Vision sensor with five megapixels for greater detail Brochure (pdf, 675.74 KB)


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