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Laboratory automation

Precision and safety in all processes

Whether in the handling of liquids of any kind or the preparation and analysis of test tubes, SensoPart sensors help laboratories prevent errors and contribute to efficient processes.

Precise measurement of fill levels in microtiter plates is essential in many applications, e.g. when analysing blood samples or dispensing chemical substances. This is where our BlueLight photoelectric proximity sensors from the F 10 series or our UT 20 Soundpipe ultrasonic sensors prove their worth. The size, shape and color of a test tube cap play an important role in the subsequent analysis process – vision sensors from our VISOR® series can inspect these characteristics in one image. Finally, the VISOR® Code Reader can reliably identify and track every sample in an analysis process due to its ability to interpret all standard one- and two-dimensional codes as well as plain text. Errors can be excluded almost entirely.

Typical applications

Vision Sensor Code Reader for Laboratory Automation
Identification of laboratory samples

The identification and tracking of samples in the analysis process are an important precondition for laboratory automation: Only then is it possible to process enormous quantities of data and avoid faulty diagnoses. The high-resolution vision sensor VISOR® Code Reader reliably identifies every sample through printed or directly marked codes.