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Application example

Reading a DMC on test tubes

Task definition

Test tubes have DMCs measuring 3 x 3mm in size with 14 x 14 modules. The aim of the application is to clearly identify the content of test tubes via a DMC to avoid mix-ups. 

It should be noted that carriers can contain many different test tubes. This example involves a carrier for 112 test tubes in 14 x 8 units, so there are 112 DMCs for the test tubes, plus one extra DMC for the carrier, which makes a total of 113 DMCs to be read.
Furthermore the DMC measures 3 x 3mm in the field of view, while the file of view is 130 x 98mm in size.

Raw image

Raw image

Our solution

The VISOR® can read common codes such as GS1, ECC200, QR or PDF417 and transfer the contents to the control system via Ethernet/IP or Profinet. Interfering reflections are eliminated with the aid of a polarising filter. 

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