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We are SensoPart

SensoPart is one of the leading manufacturers of photoelectric sensors and image processing for factory automation. Our aim is to remain one step ahead to be able to offer our customers the most innovative products on the market. In this way we help them to pave the way to the digital factory. In order to maintain our ability to offer the latest technologies, we invest more than usual in research and development and work together with renowned universities and research institutes. Successful products, now considered indispensable for modern factory automation, have been created from the many futureoriented ideas of earlier days. But we do not simply rest on our laurels – because we still have many ideas for the future.


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Milestones of product development

In the more than 30 years of our existence we have made an international name for ourselves as an innovative sensor company. For example, we are the technological leader in the market of industrial image processing with our VISOR® series or in many areas of optical sensors. Whether switching sensor or vision sensor - users particularly appreciate the well thought-out, practical functionality of our products as well as their easy setup and operation.

The  Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft honors our research activities with the seal "Innovative through Research". We are delighted about this award!

INNOVATIV THROUGH RESEARCH - Awarded by the German Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft

INNOVATIV THROUGH RESEARCH - Awarded by the German Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft

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VISOR® Object AI

AI technology in a robust vision sensor, made for industrial automation


New laser proximity sensor FT 55-RLHM with background suppression (BGS) for the detection of surfaces of any kind and identification of smallest objects


 Vision sensor with five megapixels for greater detail


New generation of smart laser distance sensors for precision measuring tasks and reliable object detection

FT 10-RLA 

The world's smallest optical distance sensor with excellent sensor characteristics for precision measurement tasks in confined spaces.

VISOR® new generation

Vision sensor with slender metal housing, improved lighting and new added functions, such as a target laser and motorised.

FT 55-CM 

First generation 4.0 sensor. Smart full-spactrum color sensor for reliable color detection and assignment with intuitive sensor configuration via display and IO-Link.

VISOR® Robotic 

Vision sensor for robotics applications. Gripper space check, result-offset, calibration methods. Pick and place applications made easy.

F 10 Bluelight

Blue LEDs with extra reliable detection with very dark or transparent objects.

VISOR® Color 

Vision Sensor with improved object detection through additional color information. High-performance color detection, even with small color nuances or self-luminous components.


VISOR® Solar 

Vision sensor especially for the solar industry. The compact sensor detects the position and possible damage of wafers and cells.


F 25

Variant-rich series of powerful and robust miniature sensors with highly precise, adjustable background suppression.


User-friendly vision sensor with particularly powerful image processing and expanded functionality.

FT 10

The world’s smallest laser proximity sensor with highly precise, adjustable background suppression, and suppression of interference.

FT 55 

Family of photoelectric sensors with laser proximity sensor with highly precise, adjustable background, in plastic housings (IP 69K) and long scanning distances.

FA 45/46 

Vision sensors in compact industry-oriented housings (IP 67) with built-in lens and integrated illumination.

FT 50 RLA 

Laser distance sensor (triangulation process) with excellent measurement properties and many supplementary functions.

F 90 

Laser distance sensor with long range, light time-of-flight measurement and an adjustment laser that can be switched off.

FT 50 C 

The world’s smallest color sensor with white light LED and spectral color separation with innovative tube prism system.

FT 20

Smallest photoelectric proximity sensor with LED or laser light, adjustable background suppression and teach-in.

Milestones in the company’s history

From the Black Forest to the wide world - this is probably the best way to summarise the last decades. Starting from our founding location in Wieden in the Black Forest, we have made an international name for ourselves and have consistently expanded our presence. We now have two locations in Germany, several subsidiaries abroad and competent representatives in all other relevant countries of the world. This means that we are always close to our customers and can provide advice and support on site.