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Image processing can be so easy.

VISOR® vision sensors for factory automation


  • Perfectly in tune: A combination of sophisticated hardware and easily configurable software
  • Connectivity: Comprehensive protocols (e.g. PROFINET, Ethernet/IP) for seamless integration into your environment
  • Flexibility: One of the most extensive vision sensor families on the market offering solutions tailored to your applications
  • Scalability: Select your VISOR®  to suit to your own requirements.

Hardware + Software = VISOR®

With our portfolio of vision solutions, we cover a wide spectrum of industrial image processing. A high-performance smart camera fitted in a compact and light-weight housing forms the heart of our VISOR® vision sensors. They feature innovative solutions, such as a target laser for simple mechanical alignment or motorised focus for automatic adjustment to your individual operating distance.

The hardware is optimally enhanced by the VISOR® software, which enables the set up of applications in a few simple steps and the adjustment of process parameters. Thanks to the software, the process can also be continuously monitored.

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SensoPart vision sensors have proven themselves to be extremely flexible – the VISOR® comes with diverse resolutions of up to 5 megapixels and three different fields of view (narrow to wide). One variant for special applications allows the additional installation of an external lens.

All VISOR® sensors are equipped with a universal interface for installation in your machine, which is further facilitated by integrated standardised transmission protocols (PROFINET, Ehternet/IP). 

SensoPart offers the VISOR®  with a package of integrated detectors and functions tailored to the application:

  • Standard: To solve simple image processing tasks
  • Advanced: An extended scope of functions for more challenging applications
  • Professional: The complete detector package suited to even very complex tasks


VISOR® Product overview Brochure (pdf, 3.15 MB)

VISOR® V50 - Clearly better

Visionary optics where you need it most. With integrated illumination and a resolution ten times that of standard vision sensors.

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VISOR® Code Reader
VISOR® Code Reader

The compact code reader with its integrated object detection reads the common 1D barcodes, 2D data matrix codes and OCR.

VISOR® Object

Reliable detection and classification
of objects - as VISOR® Object Color with improved object detection through
supplementary color information

VISOR® Robotic

An eye on everything – the expert for robotics applications with simple connection to robotics systems of leading manufacturers.

VISOR® Allround for complex inspection tasks

Object detection in color plus identification united in one device.

VISOR® Solar for inspecting solar cells

Vision sensor for positioning and inspection of wafers and solar cells


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