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VISOR® redefines Vision Sensor Standards

One Update, Two Breakthroughs


  • Detector contour check
  • Individual overlays
  • Expanded result processing functions

Download VISOR® PC Software V2.10

VISOR® Software-Release 2.10

The latest software update brings 2 innovative features and additional improvements to our easy-to-use VISOR® series that were previously only found in more expensive and complex vision systems:

Contour check detector

Our new contour check detector enables you to compare object contours precisely, quickly, and reliably with a previously trained reference countour.

Application examples

Individual overlays

Now you can display relevant information and results directly in the image. With just a few clicks, you can set up a color scheme based on the result. Seeing all the important data right away makes system maintenance easier and helps quickly detect and fix errors. . More transparency, more efficiency, more acceptance.

Application examples

We go one step further with

  • expanded result processing functions, including new operators for robotics applications
  • new measurement functions for calculating lines, intersections etc.
  • new security features, such as device password protection to meet current IT security requirements.

HOWTO videos

VISOR® vision sensor - HOWTO - Individual Overlays
VISOR® Vision-Sensor - HOWTO - Contour check