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Application example

Pad Printing Inspection

The task

Pad printing is considered one of the main methods for printing on parts. However, during this printing process, various defects can occur, including uneven ink distribution along the printing contours, unclear outlines, contamination, or stains. An automated vision sensor can easily and efficiently detect these defects.

The challenge

The combination of automation trends and a shortage of skilled workers is leading to a growing reliance on automated part feeding systems. This makes human control more challenging and demands extra time and effort. Simultaneously, a trend is emerging in which various parts are manufactured on a single production line. Because of this, it's critical that the setup of the vision sensor is quick and uncomplicated.

Our solution

Equipped with the "Contour Check" function, the VISOR® Object vision sensor provides a reliable solution for inspecting pad prints for missing contours, breaks, or unwanted spots, dirt or other contamination. By learning a reference contour and setting a tolerance band, the "Contour Check" tool enables precise and effective inspection of prints for deviations. This technology simplifies the inspection of even complex pad print patterns by eliminating the need to individually parameterize each pattern.

Your advantages

  • Easy and quick setup of the inspection system
  • Eliminates the need for individual parameterization of each print element

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