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Packaging technology

The right sensor for every task

Numerous production steps are necessary before merchandise is packed ready for shipment – involving just as many different detection tasks along the packaging line. Sensors from SensoPart guarantee the smooth overall functioning.

One typical example is chocolate bars: They are usually packed in flow pack wrappers that are supplied from a coil in the form of an endless tube. FT 55-RLAM laser distance sensors continually monitor the thickness of the coil, and the tension of the material, to ensure a seamless feeding process. A multi-color contrast sensor from the FT 25-RGB series uses registration marks to identify where the coil has to be cut into single packs, while an FT 25 RH photoelectric proximity sensor detects the precise position of the individual wrappers before they are filled. Thanks to high-precision background suppression, reliable results are guaranteed regardless of extraneous light and reflections.


Typical applications

Contrast sensors for reliable detection
Print mark detection in the packaging process

The reliable detection of printed markings is the speciality of the contrast sensors FT 25-W and FT 25-RGB. Even the slightest differences in contrast between printed mark and background can be evaluated; even shiny materials or material flutter do not impair detection. Thanks to the high switching frequency of up to 25 kHz, the sensors provide reliable results even in very fast processes. For batch changes, IO-Link offers sensor changeover during the running process.

Distance sensors check coils
Permanent coil monitoring

In order to ensure a uniform supply of continuous packaging from the coil, two analogue laser distance sensors of the FT 55-RLAM type continuously check the thickness of the coil and the position of the dancer roller, which controls the sag of the material. The measurement is reliable and independent of the surface condition of the packaging material. On request, the data can be sent directly from the device in mm via IO-Link, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming conversions.

Reliable code reading with our code reader
Code reading on challenging surfaces

The VISOR® Code Reader reads all kinds of printed codes, regardless of whether the surface is shiny, curved or colored. Even reflections generated by foils can be faded out by using the easy-to-install polarization attachment, which further increases the reading accuracy of the vision sensor.