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Application example

Detection of packages on conveyor belts


The task

Thousands of parcels are transported on conveyor belts in logistics every day. They must be sorted, diverted, and dispatched. For a smooth process at loading and transfer points, the presence of the packages should be checked with an optical detection system. The front edge of the packages should be reliably detected.

The challenge

The reliable detection of packages with different colors and sizes on the conveyor belt is a challenge for many detection systems. To ensure that the detection system can detect packages on the conveyor belt regardless of color, shape, and size, a long range of >1 meter and process stability is required even at varying speeds. Other objects that are in the foreground and background must be reliably hidden.

Our solution

With the reliable detection of objects, e.g., packages on the conveyor belt, the laser diffuse reflection sensor FT 25-RLHP with background suppression, which is based on the time-of-flight principle (TOF), has proven itself. It offers excellent detection properties on almost all surfaces up to 1.5 meters. Its small and highly visible laser light spot ensures precise alignment. The detection area – the necessary switching window – can be easily taught using a button, control input, or IO-Link. Due to its high speed and precision, the FT 25-RLHP is ideal for object detection on conveyor belts - it ensures excellent switching behavior with an adjustable switching frequency via button, control input, or IO-Link.

Your advantages

  • Excellent sensory performance and long range in a compact housing
  • Operation without a reflector - even on critical surfaces
  • Safe operation with laser class 1 - no protective measures required
  • Switch window - Area monitoring, e.g. suppression of the foreground and background of the conveyor belt via button, control input, or IO-Link
  • Precise adjustable background suppression
  • Precise and reliable switching behavior
  • Easy adjustment and mounting of the sensor
  • Diverse parameterization options via the IO-Link communication system - according to the latest specification V1.1.3

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