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Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics

Flawless products

 The production of pharmaceuticals is a sensitive matter, as people’s health is at stake. SensoPart sensors conscientiously check contents and packaging.

An identifying feature frequently used for correct placement and packaging is color: Our vision sensor VISOR® Object Color can reliably detect whether a tablet of incorrect color has found its way into the blister pack. And our FT 50 UV luminescence sensor will spot if an information leaflet is missing. With cosmetics, it might be less dramatic if a bottle does not contain the correct shampoo, but this can be avoided by inspecting the bottle lid and/or product color with the aid of our color sensors FT 25-C or FT 55-CM. For use in hygiene environments, many of our sensors also come in a robust, hermetically sealed stainless-steel housing (IP 69 K) specially designed to withstand water jets or chemicals.

Typical applications

Detect color nuances with our color sensor
Detection of lipstick colors

When it comes to differentiating the finest color nuances, our versatile FT 55-CM color sensor is the first choice. Permissible color tolerances can be specified in very fine increments, and the color value can also be easily transmitted to the controller via IO-Link to support the control process with important data. Thanks to its depth of focus, the sensor can guarantee precise color recognition regardless of the detection distance.

Blue light diffuse sensors to detect transparent objects
Detection of transparent film

Transparent objects, such as packaging film, are generally difficult to detect with standard (red light) sensors. To solve this type of challenging application, SensoPart offers BlueLight sensors, which achieve a considerably higher detection rate on poorly reflective objects. A BlueLight photoelectric proximity sensor from the F 10 series can be used, for example, to ensure that the transparent packaging film around the product has not been forgotten.