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Application example

Visualisation of entire process with SensoWeb

The challenge:

Throughout the production process, a large quantity of data is generated that has to be monitored and checked. The operator must be able to consult, manage and evaluate this data easily in order to identify and implement any necessary modifications to the process.

Our solution:

Thanks to SensoWeb, the visualisation software from SensoPart, all process data generated can be clearly recorded and analysed. It is also possible to call up comparisons and trends at any time using the integrated statistics function. The software runs on almost any hardware device – whether a PC, tablet or smartphone. It can also be integrated into customer-specific HTML-based software, giving the customer the option of configuring their own monitoring tool. 

The process data are recorded, evaluated and displayed on a PC with the SensoWeb software  The process data are recorded, evaluated and displayed on a PC using the SensoWeb software.

Your benefits

  • Easy identification of potential problems, allowing quick troubleshooting
  • Increased availability 
  • Enhanced process reliability

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