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Solar industry

Fully automatic and error-free

Production and quality assurance of solar cells is largely automated for reasons of cost efficiency, and switching sensors and vision sensors from SensoPart play an important role.

The presence of wafers or wafer boxes must be registered at numerous stages in the production of solar panels. Our laser photoelectric proximity sensors from the sub-miniature series F 10 are perfectly suited for this type of application and can be easily integrated in installations, even in cramped spaces. Position detection requires that robots pick up and put down wafers or cells with utmost precision – a task for the VISOR® Solar vision sensor, which can detect the position of wafers with ± 50 µm accuracy. In addition, the sensor can also identify even the smallest of damage, such as edge breakouts, thereby avoiding the possible breakage of wafers further down the production line, and any subsequent related contamination or costly machine downtimes. 

Typical applications

Vision sensor perfect for use in solar cell production
Position detection of wafers

The precise handling of wafers or cells is necessary for many steps in the production process of solar cells. This requires an exact knowledge of their respective positions. The VISOR® Solar was developed especially for this task: it detects the wafer position with an accuracy of ± 50 μm and registers any damage in the same step.