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Sustainable corporate development

SensoPart is a German family business, and this also shapes our attitude to work: We value reliability, take responsibility for our actions and value close and trusting relationships, both within the company and with our customers and partners.

Responsible corporate management naturally also includes the sustainable use of natural resources. In accordance with the principle of "Lean Production", all our processes are characterized by maximum efficiency, economical use of energy and materials, and consistent recycling of production waste. Sustainability is also our overriding principle with regard to corporate development: In order to maintain our ability to innovate, we invest more as usual in research and development. In this way, we create the basis for sustainable success - today and in the future.

Environmental protection

Green production at SensoPart

We take environmental protection seriously:

Solar collectors on the roofs of our buildings in Gottenheim generate, on average, more electricity than our production plants require. The 342 modules of the PV installation on the roof of our production building supply around 109,000 kWh per year with a nominal output of 99.55 kWp. This could power 30 homes with 100% solar electricity. Two thirds of the solar output (73,000 kWh) is used by us, the rest is injected into the public power grid.
A side benefit of environmentally friendly power supply is that the large-scale PV installation also gives shade to the roof, resulting in passive cooling of the production hall.
Active air-conditioning of the production hall is also achieved through “green“ energy. Geothermal probes supply the heating and cooling energy required to maintain the necessary temperature for high-tech production. The assembly of opto-electronic sensors and cameras requires a clean environment, which is why it is not possible to open windows or skylights for aeration. A complex ventilation system provides air change at a low flow rate.

Charging station for electric vehicles

To promote environmentally friendly electromobility, our staff have access to a charging station for electric vehicles, which is also connected to our solar collectors.