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Plastics technology

Higher quality, lower costs

Like many other sectors, the plastics processing industry is under growing cost pressure, while the trend for more frequent batch changes with smaller quantities is causing increasingly complex process cycles. SensoPart sensors enable widespread automation of production and quality assurance processes, and help sharpen a company’s competitive edge.

Applications in the plastics sector are diverse: BlueLight photoelectric proximity sensors reliably detect small black parts, such as transparent PET bottles; miniature color sensors from the FT 25-C series sort plastic parts on vibrating conveyors by color; and image-processing vision sensors from the VISOR® series identify manufacturing defects, such as short-filled moulds, burrs, color streaks, surface defects or faulty insert moulding. Early error detection during the manufacturing of injection moulded parts avoids complex reworking and costly rejects.

Typical applications

Component inspection with our vision sensor
Tool protection for inserts

With a vision sensor of the VISOR® series, even complex, holistic component inspections can be performed. For example, the sensor can check whether an insert part is present in the mold before overmolding and whether it has been removed after demolding. In this way, damage to the mould due to double insertion can be prevented

Blue light sensors with blue transmission LED
Detection of difficult objects

For applications with objects that are difficult to detect, SensoPart offers a diverse range of photoelectric sensors and proximity sensors, including special versions such as the F 10 BlueLight with blue LED emitter. The blue light photoelectric proximity sensor also reliably detects poorly reflective objects, such as black or transparent injection moulded parts.

 Detecting objects with the vision sensor
Quality check

Is the plastic fork missing a prong? Does the electronics housing have an overspray? Is the plastic tab correctly shaped?
The vision sensor VISOR® Object with its multitude of detectors, e.g. the contour detector, answers such questions extremely reliably.

Vision camera for robotics applications
Automated transport

After the plastic part has been produced and its quality checked, the further transport is also automated. Here, the exact detection of the part position on the conveyor belt and the rotary position is particularly important so that the robot can grip the part securely and place it in the transport container. The vision sensor VISOR® Robotic with its special robotic features is ideally suited for this purpose.

Application examples

The following application examples show you the possible uses of our products in practice.

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Full count of balls in a ball bearing housing

When manufacturing ball bearings, it is vital to know that the bearing has the full number of balls. The aim of the application is to inspect a ball bearing after assembly to ensure it is complete.

Visualisation of entire process with SensoWeb

Throughout the production process, a large quantity of data is generated that has to be monitored and checked. The operator must be able to consult, manage and evaluate this data easily in order to identify and implement any necessary modifications to the process.

Distance measurement