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Application example

Detection of trays


The task

The detection of trays on conveyor belts is an important task in many industrial processes. It is important that the trays are recognized quickly and reliably with the help of a sensor in order to control further processing. The trays can be different colors and transparent.

The challenge

The reliable detection of the trays using optical sensors can be influenced by several factors. On the one hand, the different surface colors of the crates pose a challenge. Since the trays are used in very different colors, the sensor must be able to reliably detect all the different surface colors - whether color-reflecting or color-absorbing. On the other hand, the varying working distance between tray and sensor can pose a challenge for reliable detection.

Our solution

The FT 10-BHD subminiature sensor with BlueLight technology reliably detects the transport crates.
This sensor is particularly compact and powerful which enables reliable detection of trays on conveyor belts thanks to precise background suppression.
Our blue light sensor enables reliable operation without a reflector. Thanks to the blue transmission LED, it is also able to reliably detect critical surfaces. A varying scanning distance / working distance or different surface colors - whether color-reflecting or color-absorbing - varying - do not pose a challenge for it.

Your advantages

  • High scanning range in a small housing size (up to 150mm)
  • Easy alignment and setup of the sensor
  • Precise and reliable switching behavior 

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