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Food & beverages

Clean and safe production

Is the right juice in the right bottle? Are the cookies the required shade of brown? Has the use-by date been added to the packaging? SensoPart sensors supply reliable answers to these and many other questions. 

For example, when filling drink bottles: The laser scanners from the FT 25-RGO series are specially trained in the detection of (transparent) bottles, while the color sensor FT 55-CM or the vision sensor VISOR® Object Color unequivocally identify whether the bottle lid is in the right position and of the right color. At the end of the production chain, our VISOR® Code Reader scans the packaging and checks the codes and plain text information. Many of our sensors also come in a particularly robust and hermetically-sealed stainless steel housing (IP 69 K), perfect for use in hygiene environments: When an industrial meat processing plant is cleaned with a powerful steam jet at the end of a shift, the sensor can also enjoy a good wash.

Typical applications

Detect transparent objects with blue emitting LED
Detection of transparent packaging

Due to its low light reflection, transparent packaging such as glass or PET bottles are a challenge for every sensor. For physical reasons, blue instead of the usual red sensor light has proven its worth in such cases: our BlueLight photoelectric proximity sensors with blue LED emitter reliably detect even almost invisible objects - and without a reflector.

Colour detection with our color sensors
Quality check in the filling plant

It is easy to check whether the right lid is on the right bottle based on the color of the lid: The versatile color sensor FT 55-CM enables consistent detection of color even on shiny or curved surfaces, despite fluctuations in shade and distance. Reliable results are therefore still guaranteed with wobbling or vibrating bottles.