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Application example

Presence and absence control of PET bottles on conveyor lines


The task

In high-performance bottling plants, tens of thousands of bottles can be transported on conveyor belts every hour. With the help of robots, the PET bottles are automatically placed on the conveyor line. Depending on whether the belt is free or not, the robot should place additional PET bottles on the conveyor line. An optical detection system should monitor whether the conveyor line is free or occupied in a certain area (area monitoring) and provide the robot with a trigger signal.

The challenge

The detection system must be able to reliably detect demanding materials (e.g., matte or glossy) as well as color-reflecting and color-absorbing surface colors. A single detection system should be sufficient to permanently monitor the defined area on the conveyor belt - with a working distance of up to > 1 m. Since PET bottle diameters can vary, it is important that the detection system can handle small bottle diameters of a few millimeters up to large bottle diameters of several centimeters while remaining reliably detected.

Our solution

The laser diffuse reflection sensor FT 25-RLHP based on the time-of-flight principle (TOF) offers high process stability, even with demanding surfaces such as matte or glossy. The sensor also reliably detects color-reflecting or color-absorbing surface colors. With the FT 25-RLHP, only one detection system is required. Because it switches reliably even with mounting distances of up to 1500 mm. The sensor permanently monitors the exact positioning area and provides the robot with the required trigger signal. The simple setting of a switching window via button, control input, or IO-Link enables reliable area monitoring.
Even with varying PET bottle diameters, the sensor shows its strengths due to its small laser light spot and can easily detect small bottle diameters of a few millimeters up to large bottle diameters of several centimeters.
Due to its robust miniature format and its high flexibility and performance, the FT 25-RLHP is ideally suited for industrial production.

Your advantages

  • Excellent sensory performance and long range in a compact housing
  • Exact and reliable switching behavior on almost all surfaces and surface colors
  • Operation without a reflector - even with critical surfaces
  • Easy alignment and adjustment of the sensor
  • Extended setting options with IO-Link thanks to intelligent functions such as on/off delay or pulse function
  • Diverse parameterization options via the IO-Link communication system - according to the latest specification V1.1.3

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